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The Weekly Sixer: May 19

Offerman Distillery: Comedian, actor and noted whisky champion Nick Offerman has finally realized his dreams and opened his own distillery. Or at least, he’s trying to. Check out his journey, then yes, go re-re-re-watch Parks & Rec even though it’s nice out.

Beers To Drink Before You Die: In other aspirational news, McSweeneys has been kind enough to publish a roundup of eleven beers to drink before you die. That might sound like a lofty goal, but when you’re never sure how much time is left, you might as well get started. You wouldn’t want to carry that unfinished list to the grave, would you?

key and peele sweat

Break A Sweat: Everyone knows that our favorite drinks are full of calories that need to be burned and balanced with physical exercise. But how much exercise do you really need? Unfortunately for slackers everywhere, it turns out the short answer is, “more than walking to the deli.” Good luck, couch potatoes.

Back To Blonde: As long as we’ve all agreed to stay seated, we might as well dig in to a new trend. Beer writer Josh Bernstein is tracking the resurgence of the humble blonde ale. Once a hit of 90′s-era brewpubs and entry-level craft beer, the straightforward style has languished as IPAs and sours took their time in the sun. Now, as craft lines become blurred and drinkers in general search for a simple and refreshing quick fix, the workhorse style is returning to the forefront. We can only hope the next throwback is just as fun– has anyone seen Coolio lately?

Jack Donaghy Scotch forever

Drinking For Darts: Bar game enthusiasts are uniformly fans of warming up with a drink or two before testing their one-handed skills. After generations of mythology, several studies appear to confirm that a few drinks enhance dart players’ skills. If you listen closely, you can hear a rumbling “I TOLD you so” echoing from dark-wooded bars around the world.

Rest In Power: We raise our glass today to the memory of Chris Cornell. His work was important to many of us, and we will miss his unique voice and songwriting. Cheers, and celebrate him this weekend.

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