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The Weekly Sixer: November 23

xmen wolverine turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!: And happy Thanksgiving Eve, aka “Drinksgiving,” a night that has morphed from a night of food prep to one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Aaron Goldfarb has some pretty strong opinions, and we can’t disagree with most…but a lot of us will still be going out. Try to remember a few safety tips: have a safe travel plan, don’t end up hungover if you’re on turkey duty the following day, and you and your ex broke up for a good reason (probably you.) Good luck!

Boozy Turkey?: If you’re saving your drinking for Thanksgiving proper, allow us to recommend starting with this recipe for gin-brined turkey. The recipe harnesses the herbal notes of the celebrated spirit to add an extra layer of aroma to the bird. Just be careful with those measurements– Drinksgiving celebrants may not be quite ready to have hot gin fumes wafted at them after tonight.

kenan and kel i do i do i dooo

One More Thankful Post: Sure, we’re laying the holiday on a bit thick, but we greatly enjoyed All About Beer’s Fifty Things to Love About Beer list this week. No matter how Thanksgiving goes, you’ll always have beer and all of its wonderful foibles to back you up. Even the most politically divided family can agree on that. Well, hopefully.

Big Data Comes In Pints: A company called Glassify is working on releasing app-enabled pint glasses to bring content to drinkers and data to companies. When the glass is used, the patron can scan the glass with their app for beer information, exclusive content, and promotions, while the bar or brewery will receive demographic and preference data about the customer. At this rate, Black Mirror will have plenty of material for the next few seasons.

hot shots golf clap

Cheers to Band of Bohemia: Chicago brewpub Band of Bohemia is now the first brewpub to be awarded a Michelin Star. The team is dedicated to providing a new spin on the familiar brewpub experience, cutting out exposed brick and industrial chic in favor of warm colors, couches, and surprisingly homey details. We raise our glasses to Band of Bohemia, and cross our fingers that we can get there to check them out soon.

Don’t Leave Home Without It: A Massachusetts woman was arrested last week after slapping the doorman of the Monkey Bar when he refused to recognize a slice of pizza as valid ID. Pizza can open many doors in life, but remember to bring your actual legal ID when you’re heading out or you could end up imprisoned and (we assume) pizza-less.


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