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Brooklyn Brewery, DC Mash, State of Craft Beer, DC Brau, October 2015, photo by Ben Droz (14)

This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze on January 22

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Winter (Beer) Is Coming: With Winter Storm Jonas about to blanket the East Coast, we’re very glad that the thoughtful folks at Brew York put together this list of winter beers to keep warm during the blizzard. You’ll find our friendly Brooklyn Insulated Dark Lager there alongside offerings from Gun Hill, Bronx Brewery, Keg & Lantern, and the new Transmitter/The Willows Family Ales collaboration B0 Black Gose. Just remember to shovel before you get lost in all that beer.

Here Comes Hopewell: Former Brooklyn Brewery brewer Stephen Bossu (hi Stephen!), and his partners Samantha Lee and Jonathan Fritz are nearing opening day for their new project, Hopewell Brewing. Their opening batches include their flagship First Lager, Endgrain Lager, Farm and Family Saison, and the intriguingly named 2437 Red IPA, dubbed for the hours (24) and minutes (37) in a Martian day. We wish Stephen and his partners the best of luck, and promise to visit as soon as we get to Chicago again.

Meet Your New Regular: In the wake of the death of rock royalty Lemmy Kilmister, numerous petitions have been started to redub his standard (and the go-to for many) Jack and Coke to be called the “Lemmy.” While it’s unlikely that the new name will catch on in widespread fashion, it’s sure worth a shot. Plus, it’s way easier to explain a Jack and Coke to a confused bartender than that time you tried to order something out of your mixology book at your corner dive.

Brew for Autism on January 30: More than two dozen homebrewers, the Richmond County Beer Club and the Pour Standards Homebrew Club are hosting a sampling and fundraiser on Saturday, January 30 to raise money and awareness for autism. The clubs have extensive experience in similar events, regularly pulling in some seriously impressive beers for sampling that are almost literally impossible to find anywhere else. Tickets are $55, available here.

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North Korea Announces Hangover-Free Liquor: Yes, you read that correctly. North Korean scientists claim that Kyoro liquor, made with ginseng, provides all of the bang and none of the bite. Crediting a production process using scorched rice for the fermentable base, the scientists claim that they have successfully removed any chance of waking up with a bass drum for a head after a long night of Kyoro imbibing. The rest of the world is skeptical, but totally willing to try it out.

Caps and Cents: A new list of the world’s most expensive beers released by Mental Floss this week puts Sapporo Space Barley at the top of the pack, costing a hefty $110 for a six-pack of the 5.5% beer. The rest of the list is a who’s-who of lottery dreams as usual, with offerings from around the world. It’s fun to read, but it’ll make you even more thankful for happy hour before you calculate the total bill of the heavy hitters.


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