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This Week In Trademark Infringement: Why The Rush?

copyright infringement pi kappa phi

Thanks to eagle-eyed Twitter user @brewlately, this fresh slice of trademark infringement came across our desks earlier today. Evidently, the spring rush class of Pi Kappa Phi at an unidentified college took it upon themselves to “spruce up” our logo for their purposes. It looks to us like the chapter in question took the “uncommon opportunities” part of their fraternity slogan a bit literally when it came to appropriating a trademark.

Let’s be clear here: the owner of this shirt is not by any means a bad person off the bat. Double check that crisp haircut: this is a person who cares about details. And from one Marshalls shopper to another, your author certainly respects their dedication to bargain hunting. But please, mystery shopper, and Pi Kappa Phi chapters unknown, do us a favor and leave our logo out of your merchandise in the future. Thanks in advance, and see you at the clearance rack.

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