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Today in Copyright Infringement: Brunonian Medicine

bronion copyright infringement vertical

This snazzy little throwback was spotted at Bonnaroo earlier today, co-opting our beloved Summer Ale badge for a common college festival. Brunonian is apparently the nickname for students at Brown University, named after their mascot, Bruno.

Most of us take this flagrant offense with a chuckle, but your trusty author is not among them. Brown University was my first choice of college back in my innocent-ish high school days, and I never fully lost the sting of their rejection. Yes, I went to Fordham University and loved every minute of my surreal existence of theater geek/business student, and ended up interning at Brooklyn Brewery before coming on full time. I’ve mostly forgiven Brown University, but…well, I kind of hope it rained on their Brunonian Spring Weekend.

I won’t apologize, unless someone from Brown happens to read this and wants to grant me an honorary degree. Until then, let’s hope the fellow in the picture finds a new shirt to go with his beer.

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