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Brooklyn Brewery, DC Mash, State of Craft Beer, DC Brau, October 2015, photo by Ben Droz (407)

Today in Copyright Infringement: Live from Montreal

le belmont

We received this picture from Montreal this week, showing a bar and nightclub named Le Belmont decked out in a stunningly familiar logo. Even the “B” within the logo seems to have been taken directly from ours before the tail was erased for the sake of this sign. The visibility of the club is terrific, but we’d certainly appreciate seeing a new, original logo gracing their marquee.

When we dug into the story a bit more, something interesting emerged: the club appears to have been named for Belmont Park, a now-defunct amusement park in Montreal. One of the park’s main attractions was a wooden roller coaster named The Cyclone, built in 1937. If that rings a bell, it’s because the original wooden Cyclone roller coaster resides in Coney Island, where it’s been whirling since 1927.

It seems Brooklyn icons making their way to Montreal is nothing new. While we’re sorry the Cyclone of the north ceased its spinning in 1983 and undoubtedly attracted a host of Scooby-Doo villains to the park, we’re hoping Le Belmont takes the opportunity to forge a logo of their very own.

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