Sanitize  Like  A  Brewer  With  Isopropyl  Alcohol  


Sanitize Like A Brewer With Isopropyl Alcohol

Spray bottles of isopropyl are fixtures around our brewing and cellaring spaces, where they can be grabbed for a quick sanitizing spray. Brewing is all about keeping things clean, and these bottles are a key part of the continual work of keeping everything spotless. With Covid-19 putting pressure on supplies of hand sanitizer and soap, we wanted to pass along some tips on sanitizing your hands and surroundings with isopropyl alcohol.

To start, make sure your isopropyl alcohol is 70% concentrated. Hand sanitizers above 60% are considered effective on Covid-19 and most pathogens, but for spray you’ll need to bump it up a bit. Don’t overshoot, however: if your concentration is too high, the alcohol will evaporate too quickly to do its job.

Once you’ve got your 70% isopropyl alcohol at the ready, follow these steps to sanitize your hands:

  1. Wash your hands to remove any dirt or grease. If they’re visibly clean, you’re ready for sanitization.
  2. Gently spray your hands—a little mist is all you need to ensure the proper rate of evaporation.
  3. Wait for the isopropyl to evaporate completely.
  4. Once your hands feel dry, you’re sanitized!
  5. Remember to keep washing & sanitizing your hands whenever you can.

For surfaces, follow the same guidelines to ensure quick evaporation.