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Visit our Sister Breweries



*From now until mid-December, The Brooklyn Brewery is undergoing a significant expansion. We were lucky enough to score the space directly next door to our current location in Williamsburg. We are currently in the process of moving fermenter tanks and building a new brewing system adjacent to our trusty old one.

The end result will be very exciting indeed. We’ll be able to bring you more of our core brands like East India Pale Ale and Brown Ale as well as more of our popular but scarce Brewmaster’s Reserve program. You can also expect experiments, one-offs and surprises. Until the expansion is complete, however, we will be giving modified tours that will include a sneak-peek into the new space. In other words, you are very lucky!

So, for the moment, excuse our mess and come on in just the same. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Because there are only so many daylight hours to be had, we open The Brewery doors to the public around noon, every Saturday. We’ll let you stay till around 8pm.  Tours run at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. You’ll receive company lore, the brewing basics and little to no swearing*. No reservations are required and entrance is free.

Whether or not you take advantage of our “tours”, you will be able to enjoy several styles of our rotating and seasonal list of ales and lagers. Beers are $4 each (or 6 for $20). Saturdays at The Brewery are nice for gathering a large group, but get here early if you’d like to occupy a table.

Outside food is allowed to be delivered or brought in BUT we’ll also be selling salty-sweet snacks from Ovenly and chips from Northfork. While they won’t be allowed to imbibe our products, children are welcome with the accompaniment of an adult. The company store will also be open. There you will be allowed to purchase all sorts of merchandise marked with our logo.

To recap:  There will be information. There will be merch. There will be beer.

*We cannot promise that there will be zero swears.

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    Are the tours still available this summer?