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SLIDELUCK Berlin V Recap


[Text and Photos by Casey Kelbaugh

Slideluck has been fortunate enough to take place in some amazing spaces around the ever-evolving animal that is Berlin. Wooloo Gallery, RAW-Tempel, MMX, C/O, HBC, but perhaps none was more epic than the restored 1920’s silent film theater that hosted us for our 5th (actually 6th) show on Saturday, May 2, 2015: Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi Berlin.

This year’s slideshow potluck was produced by Julia Delmedico, precocious student from NYU Berlin, who with the help of many others, managed to bring together a wide array artists, delicious dishes and engaged attendees. The show was curated by Julia Schiller of Photography in Berlin
 and the curatorial duo, Kaetha. A eclectic range of international and funky vinyl sounds were provided by DJ Poeks from the orchestra pit.  

Despite Berliners reluctance to admit they understand how to partake in a potluck, there was a wide array of delicious homemade dishes to share: chocolate cupcakes and hummus, a coconut mango glazed tart, numerous tasty salads and a big pot of Indian curry. The potluck grand prize, however, was a copy ofHungry Still, that went home with Jacqueline Freundorfer, for her vegan Tuscan-bread salad-stuffed-artichokes. Fantastisk!

Guests had a chance to flip through the latest issue of GUP magazine, the EyeEm World Tour magazine as well as publications from Conflux Magazine and Photography in Berlin. And the Brooklyn Lagers tasted even sweeter when individually wrapped with “specially imported” labels. But day or night, it doesn’t take a Berliner much convincing when it comes to drinking beer.

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