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SLIDELUCK Sicily Gazebook Photobook Festival

Slideluck Gazebook: Sicily Photobook Festival II Recap

SLIDELUCK Sicily Gazebook Photobook Festival

[Text by Simone Sapienza]

[Photos by Giulio Bellomia]

On Saturday September 9th 2016, during the 3rd edition of Gazebook – Sicily Photobook Festival, Slideluck came back to Punta Secca for the second time!  With the special slogan, “When Photobooks Make Love with Multimedia”, a selection of artists presented varied photographic and multimedia projects.

The event took place in the small square of Punta Secca under the lighthouse. The jury was composed by Marco Paltrinieri, Natasha Christia and Alejandro Acin – in collaboration with Maria Teresa Salvati and Simone Sapienza. Together, 16 great multimedia were chosen for the show.

At the end of the show we announced the prizes: amongst them, a standing ovation for Nina Cangialosi who won more than one prize!

Live every great Slideluck, the potluck was started before the screening, in collaboration with the sponsor Conad Market. Great and trypical Sicilian food was offered to everyone: guests, photographers, local people – such a nice atmosphere! Last but not least, extra-cold beers oddered by Brooklyn Brewery elevated everyone’s moods! The dinner lasted for about an hour until the show commenced. About 500 people attended this year’s Slideluck, resembling an open-air cinema!

• Nina Viviana Cangialosi (Exhibition Gazebook 2018; Portfolio Review with Alejandro Acin, Natasha Christia and Mfg Paltrinieri; Educational Prize by Spazio Labo’ Fotografia; Slideluck Editorial)
• Federico Clavarino (Talk Gazebook 2018)
• Marina Arienzale & Matteo Cesari (Aperture Magazine; Slideluck Editorial)
• Cristiano Volk (Workshop Gazebook: Jason Fulford – A Million Preachers)
• Asya Zhetvina (Workshop La Ricerca del “NEO di Bellezza”: a cura di Maria Teresa Salvati; Slideluck Editorial)
• Alex Kemman (Slideluck Editorial)
• Francesco Viscuso (Slideluck Editorial)

A live video of the event was captured and broadcasted by ON AIR TV – Italy. View the video HERE !

Thank you again to all our participating sponsors, all the collaborative partners, volunteers and guests! Special thanks to Brooklyn Brewery!


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