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 Slideluck Prato II
[Text by Gaia Vettori]
[Photos by Paola Ressa from SEDICI]

 For the second time, Slideluck got Prato!

A wonderful venue, the garden of a former factory called “EX FABRICA” (Prato is crawling with these renewed factories) hosted the second edition of Slideluck Prato, an event organized by SEDICI, a fresh and young association of people committed to photography and visual arts.

The garden (Garden of the Fabbrichino – “Garden of the little factory” in english) was divided in two: on the left, an amazing food court were hundreds of happy people brought and shared their fresh delicatessen: pizza, frittata, gluten free pasta, fresh vegetables, cold cuts and juicy slices of the most delicious watermelon.

It was very hot and people we’re so thirsty, but it was no worry as Brooklyn Brewery provided assistance with its tasty beers, Lager and IPA: success… guaranteed!

On the right, the real garden: soft green grass and furniture made by recyclable materials were the setting of the second part of the event. The 20 shortlisted authors’ works were showcased, fascinating the crowd.

Slideshows were selected by Giulia Ticozzi (photographer and photo-editor) and Pietro Gaglianò (contemporary art critic), who were present and spoke about the criteria of their choices: the main topic was “Relations” and the selected works not only stuck to the theme but also stood out for their emotional involvement.

For the second time in a row, during the pre show and after the projection, Flow Job duo rocked the world with their electro and alternative grooves: it was hard not to dance.

Slideluck Prato II: mission accomplished! A night to remember!

Thank you to all our partners and sponsors: PHOTOLUX, JEST, LATO, Artnoise, Commune di Prato, TPO CompanyStudio Fotografico Bolognini, Visit Prato, Slideluck Editorial, Sandbox Studio, SEDICI, and of course Brooklyn Brewery.


  • dfizzle

    Beautiful photos Paola! Wish I could have joined. There’s always next time though!

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