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Beirut to Brooklyn: The Origins of Brooklyn Brewery

Today we joyously introduce the first release in a series of videos produced by our friends at Transient Pictures exploring the people and stories that make Brooklyn Brewery. As 2013 marks our 25th year of making beer, there’s no better person to kick things off than Brooklyn co-founder & president, Steve Hindy.

Most craft brewers had a life before beer. Steve Hindy covered wars and assassinations for The AP in the Middle East. Along the way, he met American diplomats in bone-dry Islamic countries whose only source of beer was home-brewing. War correspondents are a resourceful lot, and Steve brought that resourcefulness to starting a brewery in Brooklyn.

  • Ed Abington

    Nice story and a great beer. Looking forward to enjoying my last bottle of Sorachi Ace.

  • Annie Carbery Kalotschke

    Hi Steve – I remember when you told my husband Peter and I this story at a beer dinner in Westchester years ago. We’ve never forgotten when Brooklyn Beer started and have been faithful fans and consumers ever since!

  • Kevin

    As a NY’er I’m proud to always drink a BK beer when I find one abroad. In my new home, London it is becoming the “it” beer. As I start to see it in so many pubs here, I wonder when Brooklyn will be sold back in those far off places where the idea for it was first concocted

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