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St. Arnold Pops Into Brooklyn Brewery

Brock back in TX

Brock back in TX

St. Arnold Brewery owner Brock Wagner dropped in to Brooklyn to say hello today.  A few years back, Brock and I served on the board of the Brewers Association together.  We had a good talk.  Brock’s cellphone was ringing constantly because he released Divine Reserve #8 today, a special limited volume beer that is much in demand in Texas.  St Arnold is in Houston.

Brock said he hoped to open his new brewery with a 127-barrel German brewhouse in November.

Garrett gave him a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery and a preview of Brooklyn Rheinschweingebot.  I showed him around the conditioning rooms across the street where Brooklyn Black Ops and Brooklyn’s Manhattan Project are gestating.

Brock was in town serving his fine beers at Fashion Week.  (I kid you not.)  It was some sort of boondoggle organized by the powers that be in Houston to showcase a Texas designer.  I never pictured Brock as a fashionista, but craft beer is opening many doors these days.

–Steve Hindy

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