Taking  On  Covid-19  Together  


Taking On Covid-19 Together

Usually when we say “hello from Brooklyn,” we think of our Williamsburg offices and Tasting Room, which we call home. Since the onslaught of Covid-19, it’s been a little different. Our home is closed, and while there’s still beer being shipped, almost all of us have scattered to practice social distancing like the rest of the world. 

Across the globe, our teams are staying home. Our pets are overjoyed. Our families are, fortunately, safe. And we’ve got beer, sure. But it feels very weird being separated from our home, and from all of you around the world. Connection is key at times like these, and beer is a social drink, distancing or not. So, we’ve come up with some ideas for how to be in touch and support our communities, family, and friends.

Over the coming weeks and months of sheltering, we’re planning to release material to help out and hopefully bring some light to dark times. We’re working on compiling some information and resources, including a community resource roundup so you can find ways to help your favorite spots and neighbors. We’re also putting together some games, plenty of streaming recommendations, and a handful of really goofy ideas that may or may not work but we certainly have time to try. We think it’ll be fun, and we hope you do too. And if you ever have a question, idea, or just want to say hello to someone, drop us a line. We’re all going through this together.

Thanks as ever for being a part of Brooklyn. We’ll talk to you soon.

Brooklyn Brewery