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Garrett Drops Some Harvest Food And Beer Pairing Knowledge

Oktoberfest Case (S)

By Garrett Oliver

As much as we all love summer, fall is probably the greatest season for food. The vegetable harvests are coming in, the seafood is at its peak, and we can finally turn the oven on again. Brewers have always loved the fall season, and they still mark the barley and hop harvests with Oktoberfest celebrations from Bavaria to Brazil. Only twenty years ago, most American beer was pretty bland, but fortunately things have changed for the better. Just as our supermarkets are showing us a new cornucopia of flavors, traditional craft breweries are making a wide array of beers to match. We’re used to thinking of wine seasonally—many of us drink more white wine in the warmer months, and then trend toward reds as the weather gets cooler. We can think of beers in the same way, but craft beers have an even wider range of flavor than wine, so we can really have some fun with them. Today, craft brewers see autumn as a great time to feature beers with more robust flavors, beers with enough character and warmth to pair with comfort foods.


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