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Let’s set the record straight

We’re disheartened by the comments from our craft neighbor here in Brooklyn. We couldn’t agree more with Sixpoint on the point that the industry is getting controlled by some big powerful players. That is why we decided to try to get stronger by partnering with some craft friends.

As announced months ago, Kirin bought a 24.5% share of our brewery. Kirin’s main interest is developing the Brooklyn Brewery brand in Japan, and to that end we kicked off our joint venture with them in Japan beginning in March this year.

The partnership with 21st Amendment and Funkwerks is between the two breweries and Brooklyn, not Kirin. The minority investments came from Brooklyn, not Kirin. The assertion that Kirin has a “path to control” of 21st Amendment, Funkwerks, and Brooklyn Brewery for that matter, is 100% incorrect. Why Sixpoint feels they need to spread false information to the contrary is disturbing. Craft brewers would be better served by working to continue the incredible craft beer revolution that has gotten us to a 12% share of the market, not casting false aspersions.

Further, Brooklyn Brewery has no path to control of these two breweries. Our minority investments are in support of the partnership and demonstrate our commitment to a national sales platform with 21st Amendment and Funkwerks. They allow 21st Amendment and Funkwerks to invest in improving their quality, their efficiency, and their capacity. Last we checked those were all desirable things for any craft brewer. We believe this sort of collective action is essential for independent craft breweries to compete in the US market.

We understand that the current state of the craft beer industry is a passion point for many, ourselves included. Regardless we all must commit to building our conversations and opinions on a foundation of facts. The beauty of the craft beer industry is in the many paths that have been chosen. We encourage every craft brewer to choose their own path, be transparent about it, and celebrate it, not disparage those of others.

Thanks for listening,
Brooklyn Brewery

  • Jim Vorel

    That’s all great, but expect to have this post thrown back at you if Kirin acquires any of those breweries two or three years from now.

    • Patrick

      Wouldn’t that be those breweries choice?

      • Jim Vorel

        I have no idea. All I know is that Brooklyn says it’s “100% incorrect” that Kirin has “a path to control” for any of those breweries. I’m just taking them at their word, as written.

      • urabask

        I’m no expert, but pretty sure that would depend entirely how ownership is structured at those breweries. Without knowing that, it’s kind of naive to take them at their word.

        • Patrick

          It is equally naive to think being no expert that you are pretty sure of something that nobody has any clue about.

    • Iphone X Instagram

      sure thing.

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