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The Newest Brooklyn Brewery Is New Carnegie

For more up-to-date information on the New Carnegie Brewery check out their website here.

Earlier in the year you were made privy of our plans to build a new Swedish brewery. Now we bring you an update chock-full of current developments on what’s surely a groundbreaking project. It’s worth noting that what we’re talking about here has never happened before. This isn’t just your run of the mill brewery expansion. Along with our Swedish partners, Brooklyn Brewery is building and operating the very first European brewery to employ an American craft beer perspective and heritage. At the same time, this brewery is a decidedly Swedish project, built by and for Swedes and anyone else lucky enough to be in Stockholm. We couldn’t be more excited.


[Eric Ottaway, Fredrik Vogel & Garrett Oliver w/our new gear]

As previously reported, Brooklyn Brewery, in partnership with our importer, Carlsberg and a group of Swedes who have long dreamt of helping restore Stockholm’s brewing tradition*, is creating a new line of beers — a new brand — called Nya Carnegie. The brewery is currently under construction in an old light bulb factory in the Hammarby Sjöstad neighborhood of Stockholm’s sea port.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our endeavor so what follows is a quick rundown of what’s been happening lately in Stockholm.

  • The Name: Nya Carnegiebryggeriet or New Carnegie Brewery, if, like most people in the world, you’re not a Swedish speaker. The DNA behind the name is pretty cool. Carnegie is one of the oldest registered trademarks in Sweden and belongs to its most beloved beer, Carnegie Porter. It’s a classic Baltic Porter, one that we’ve long admired**. A couple of years ago you might recall that Garrett & Co traveled to Sweden to collaborate on a barrel aged version of Carnegie Porter for their 175th Anniversary. (Meanwhile we’re all excited about our little 25th birthday.) Now owned by Carlsberg, Carnegie is poised to be reborn in the name of craft beer as Nya Carnegiebryggeriet .
  • The Beer: Under Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, our Swedish brewing team will develop a line of year-round, seasonal and special one-off beers bearing the Nya Carnegiebryggeriet mark. One can expect trademarked Brooklyn excellence that gives equal nods to traditional brewing methods, new ideas, Nordic ingredients and a Swedish accent.

approximatation of goodness

[Nya Carnegie beers might look something like this]

  • The Brewing Team: Garrett and GM Fredrik Vogel have hired a crack team of Stockholm brewers for the mission of making the very best beer possible. Our head brewer in Stockholm is Anders Wendler, a graduate of Sweden’s Lunds University.  Anders, who holds a brew master certification, has worked at breweries in the Ukraine, Germany and Sweden since the early 1990s. Despite his professional status, Anders somehow also won Sweden’s “Best Home Brewer Of The Year” award. Sounds good so we’re not asking questions. The Swedish brewing team of four is training in Brooklyn and will work with our Brooklyn brewers on an ongoing basis. The goal is for members of both brewing teams to be able to travel to each other’s breweries, fostering an ongoing exchange of ideas and methods.


[Head Brewer Anders Wendler at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet]

  • The Logo: It’s no secret that we take logos seriously. The development of NCB’s mark was taken doubly serious. A product of the Swedish design firm POND and constant & annoying feedback from ourselves & our Swedish partners, we feel extremely proud to place the ending result next to our own, iconic logo.


  • The Rest: well there is still lots more to reveal (and plan!). We aim to have beer ready for the public on draft and in bottles by January, 2014. Around that time the brewery will open for tours. The NCB Tasting Room has plans for a kitchen that will treat visitors to a tight menu of pairing-friendly, in-season nourishment. Our new brewery will mostly brew NCB beers but every now and then one of our Brooklyn-based brewers will visit to brew one of our favorite specialty recipes from our Brewmaster’s Reserve line. Worry not, Brooklyn Brand beers will continue to be brewed in New York. 

We’re beyond busy putting together the remaining pieces. Check back soon to see how we’re doing.



*Not unlike in Brooklyn, Stockholm once had a proud brewing tradition that was decimated by consolidation, wars and general disrespect for beer. Fortunately, there is now a comeback brewing that we’re proud to join the ranks of.

**Even before the anniversary porter project, Brooklyn Brewery distributed Carnegie Porter when it operated the Craft Brewers Guild during the 90s. It was one of our favorite beers to sell alongside our own.

  • Craft in Europe

    QUOTE: ‘Now owned by Carlsberg, Carnegie is poised to be reborn in the name of craft beer as Nya Carnegiebryggeriet’
    Can a ‘craft brewery’ be owned by a large mulitnational that uses hard-arm distribution tactics to keep actual european craft brewers off the shelves and taps across europe?
    I guess the BA definition of craft only applies within the US…what you do over here doesn’t have the same rules. Its a shame for real craft brewers in Europe struggling to get started when a major US craft brand decides to go with the big boys instead of being a part of local craft beer scenes just getting started.
    How would you have reacted if Crafty Macros had been ‘reborn in the name of craft beer’ just when you started brewing?

  • Sebastian Lind

    Great progress when is the great opening? Can I get an invitation I would be really happy to join!!

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