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The newly bottled Brooklyn BLAST!

Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite beer is now in bottle form.

The first beer launching from our brand new bottling line here in Williamsburg will be Brooklyn BLAST!, our decidedly robust IPA, that I contend to be the greatest beer, ever. Now available in take home 4-packs and gently yet fiercely rolling out to a store near you over the next month. Try to be patient. BLAST! will soon be yours.

bb_blast_4pk_HR smudge

Brooklyn BLAST! has been bouncing around our halls since its introduction as a Brewmaster’s Reserve in 2005. Our long running but not widely shouted answer to those palate-obliterating West Coast IPAs, BLAST! is a balancing act of piney & fruity notes with a sturdy malt foundation.

It’s bold.

It’s big.

It’s Brooklyn.

Who knew we’d enjoy such a kick to the face.


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  • Mark

    Awesome. Love this beer.

  • jon

    Will this be available in the UK?

  • EapenC

    I saw this You Tube video reviewing your Black Ops Bourbon Barrel Stout with Champagne yeast. I’m in Minnesota and wanted to learn about your distribution here. Here is a link to the video– It sounds incredible. I think the reviewer got his bottle at Haskell’s in Chanhassen, but they are out.

  • tom

    wow ,I was just writing to beg them to bottle Blast!nWhen will it be in Florida.

  • Tom Dilley

    I had taste of the Blast over the Holidays , great beer !!!! It took a couple of weeks to find a case , but it was well worth the treasure hunt . Please let me know how Brooklyn Brewery assists when two bottles were capped but only one quarter full . Thank you

  • robinhoodi

    Will the Blast be available in Sweden anytime soon?

  • tere escobar

    This is my favorite beer!, is delicious! is a blast! u can find it in Amity Hall, Greenwich Village :D

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