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The Worshipful Company of Brewers Part XIX: Uncle Nelson by Walker Berry

The Worshipful Company of Brewers is once again upon us. The charter of this sanctified league dictates that each member of the Brooklyn Brewery brewing team will design and create a batch of his or her own draft-only beer, to be served exclusively at the Brewery Tasting Room until the last drop has been squeezed from the taps.

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Beer #19: Uncle Nelson
Style: IPA brewed with Nelson hops, lactose, and oats
ABV: 7.5%
Notes: Smooth and gently creamy, with aromas of gooseberry and fresh grapes thanks to the Nelson hops, and hint of spice.
Availability: Friday, May 18 until it’s gone.

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Above: Walker and his friend and coworker Richie Alfson breaking it down.

Brewer # 19: Walker Berry
Age: 32
Started at Brooklyn Brewery: July 2015
Favorite Hangout: On the river, fishing
Catch Phrase: Bahboom!
Brewer’s Notes: Uncle Nelson is a tribute to Walker’s real-life Uncle Nelson, a fun-loving, liberal guy and a welcome guest. The fact that he shares his name with one of Walker’s favorite hops is pure luck of course, but they do tie together nicely. The beer itself is intended to be drunk with friends, preferably accompanying spicy food, or in Walker’s best pairing, an extra spicy Bloody Mary. And your eyes don’t deceive you as you raise your glass– Walker added just a bit of Carared malt to give the beer a rosy tinge as a nod to the redhead who brewed it.

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