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Tripel Burner

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Tripel Burner

In ancient Chinese medicine, the “Triple Burner” was responsible for the production and flow of energy throughout the body. The Triple Burner, or “San Jiao”, is not an actual organ of the body, but a sort of "spiritual water wheel” that takes in food, water, light and air, and transforms them into the life force known as “qi”. Tonics supporting the Triple Burner often included licorice root to encourage “natural sweetness and a light, joyful presence.”

We don’t know if it’s all true, there’s no denying that it sounds really cool. And frankly, we think everyone’s "qi” could use a little more balance. White wine barrels, a licorice spice blend from the famed spice wizard Lior Lev Sercarz, and a strong Belgian-inspired tripel base create Tripel Burner, a heady, aromatic ale that reaches a higher state of serenity.

Take a sip. Do you feel it? A certain warmth, a dry palate opening onto a fleeting impression of sweetness, a rush of figs, a touch of vanilla, a whisper of mint, a transportation of the mind? Poured into a proper glass, among friends, family or other good people, Tripel Burner can bring all the elements of the situation together. Relax and allow the energy to flow between you, your people, the music, the lights, the food. Good. You have arrived. Mind you, we are not claiming that Tripel Burner binds the universe together. That would be preposterous. Wouldn’t it?

Style: Licorice-spiced tripel aged in white wine barrels
Malts: Pilsner
Additions: Licorice spice blend from Lior Lev Sercarz
Hops: Perle, Aurora
Yeast: Our House Belgian Yeast
Alcohol by Volume: 10.6%
Original Gravity: 20.5° Plato
Food Pairings: Desserts, rich cheeses, grilled meats, spiritual oneness, warm salads, and yogic flight.
Availability: Very Limited
Format: 750 ml bottle-conditioned bottles

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