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The Companion

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The Companion

For the past four years, Garrett has been working on a massive project. It’s the ultimate beer collaboration, but it’s not a beer. Published this September by Oxford University Press, it’s The Oxford Companion to Beer, the most comprehensive book on beer ever published, featuring 160 experts covering more than 1,100 subjects. It’s a momentous thing, so Garrett (Editor-in-Chief), Horst Dornbusch (Associate Editor, writer, scholar, man-about-town) and Thomas Kraus Weyermann (writer and master maltster) hatched a plan. Together, they brewed our next Brewmaster’s Reserve beer, called The Companion.

Thomas created special new floor malts for The Companion, which is brewed in an old style called “wheat wine”, a wheat-based equivalent to barley wine. The floor malts give this beer a juicy malt character of considerable depth, 55% malted wheat gives it a surprising lightness on the palate, while our house ale yeast lends a gentle fruitiness. The Oxford Companion to Beer will impart knowledge, while The Companion imparts conviviality. Maybe you really can have it all?

Style: Wheat Wine
Malts: Weyermann floor malted Bohemian Pilsner malt, Weyermann floor malted Bohemian Dark malt, Weyermann floor malted Wheat, Weyermann pale wheat malt
Additions: Contains wheat
Hops: Domestic Willamette, German Perle, and Styrian Goldings hops
Alcohol by Volume: 9.1%
IBUs: n/a
Original Gravity: n/a
Calories: n/a
Food Pairings: Roasted vegetables, lamb stew, a huge book.
Availability: September, 2011 - Present
Format: Draft and very limited release in 750ml bottles. Bottles are only available in The Brooklyn Box Set at The Brooklyn Brewery.
Awards: 2011 World Beer Championships: Gold Medal

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