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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison

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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison

Named after the Sorachi region of Hokkaido, Japan, the Sorachi Ace hop was developed by a large Japanese brewery in the late 1970s. A cross between British Brewers Gold, Japanese “Beikei No. 2” and the famed Czech Saaz, it had a unique lemony, herbal scent, but this hop was deemed "odd" and ended up quickly banished to a laboratory.

In 2008, the Sorachi Ace hop was quietly revived by a family farm in Washington State. Less than a year later, we made it the star of its own titular beer. Originally a member of our limited Brewmaster’s Reserve series, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a beer we just couldn’t let disappear. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a classic saison, an unfiltered golden farmhouse ale, with a clean malt flavor and the quirky Sorachi Ace hop standing front and center. Dry-hopping releases Sorachi Ace’s bright, spicy aromatics to tickle the nose before ascending into a fine harmony between pilsner malt and playful Belgian ale yeast.

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is sunshine in a glass, a shining example of the versatility of one of the world’s most intriguing hops. This beer is a superstar at the table, and we enjoy it with seafood dishes, fresh cheeses, poultry, barbecue, and even tomato-based pasta sauces. All by itself it puts on a great solo performance too, and we can honestly say that you’ve never tasted any beer quite like it. Go ahead, pour yourself some sunshine.

One of USA Today's 25 Beers to Try Before You Die.

Style: Farmhouse Saison
Malts: 2-row
Hops: Sorachi Ace
Yeast: Our House Belgian Strain
Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%
Food Pairings: Fish tacos, shrimp, barbecue, salads, curries, playful breezes, grilled meats, pork buns, brief guitar solos, unexpected puns, and fresh goat cheeses
Availability: Year-round
Format: 24/12oz (355ml) bottles; 750ml cork-finished 100% refermented bottles; 15.5 gal kegs; 5.2 gal kegs