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Dinner Party No. 3: Flappers, Fringes and Fast Cars

Dinner Party No. 3: Flappers, Fringes and Fast Cars


The third passage in our time traveling Dinner Party series, BLAST! From The Past, takes off on August 20th with Dinner Party No. 3: Flappers, Fringes and Fast Cars. We touch down in the 1920s, with the pesky Volstead Act and Prohibition getting in the way of everyone’s fun. In the public eye, restaurants have taken a blow from losing liquor and beer sales, and many have been forced to close. Behind locked doors and shuttered windows, however, another story awaits. Thousands of speakeasies from the 21 Club to the Cotton Club rise up to meet the thirst of New York City. Many also feature high-end food and debaucherous entertainment. We've managed to secure our very own two-door establishment for the evening to party like the rest of the New York rebels.

Your $70 ticket covers your seat aboard our time machine, tax, tip, all beverages and a parting gift from our Time Crew. Tickets go live Wednesday, July 29th. 


Shrimp Cocktail All'Amatriciana
with Brooklyn Blast! 

Salmon Crudo, Béarnaise
with Sorachi Ace

Green Pea and Crab Soup
with Lancelot (Ghost Bottle)

Lamb Ribs, Mint Jelly, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Beet Mustard
with K Is For Kriek, BQE

Strawberries, Cream, Semolina Crumble, Strawberry Gastrique
with Quintaceratops, BQE


*Please note that this menu is set. In order to provide a smooth and enjoyable service for all attendees we will not be making any menu changes or substitutions.

Follow along with @BrooklynBrewery and @BKLYNHouseChef on Instagram and Twitter as we reveal behind the scenes tidbits while we prepare for our adventure. 

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