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BQEs and Betas (NYC)

BQEs and Betas (NYC)

Get your game face on and join us in our Tasting Room during Happy Hour on Friday, July 28th for another BQEs and Betas: a night of tasting our newest beer and playing unreleased video games from those computer whizzes at the NYU Game Center. 

Starting at 6PM you can try out our newest Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment Kiwi's Playhouse: a playful sour beer aged on kiwis in red-wine barrels guaranteed to keep things silly. It's tart, tropical, and the perfect playmate for a night of gaming.

While your taste buds are goofing off in the playhouse you can keep your hands busy with betas from the Game Center's 2017 Incubator Games, a series of unreleased trial games including:

  • Deeper, a game where you dive in with a partner to explore and survive a haunting ocean world.
  • Membrane, a puzzle-platforming adventure where you build, bend, and break the world around you.
  • No Place, a puzzle game where every move is a catastrophe.
  • EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage where you hide from enemies and yourself.
  • Exquisite Dupe, where you draw ridiculous paintings with your friends, leave clues, and expose the dupe.
  • Rondo 6, a turned-based tactics game of strategy and crazy combos.
  • Shallow Games, a jukebox of eclectic, fast-paced arcade games.

As always entry is free for our public hours, and our full draft list will be available via tokens from our Company Store. Trust us, this is the perfect way to jump start your weekend.

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