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Ghost Bottles and Friends with Sorachi Ace (JP)

Ghost Bottles and Friends with Sorachi Ace (JP)

Join Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver on Monday, May 14th at ØL Toyko for Ghost Bottles and Friends: a night spent tasting, discussing, and yet more tasting featuring our rare Ghost Bottles and barrel-aged varities. 

Throughout the evening Garrett will pour a special Brooklyn limited release from his collection, speak briefly about it, then go back to drinking said beer until it is time to pour the next one. It's usually difficult to find these beers outside our cellar walls and most have never made it to Japan. Luckily for us Garrett's personal stash knows no bounds.

We'll repeat the steps above as necessary until all the beers are gone, then we'll scatter into the darkness. (The draft beers will stay, but come on-- we're fun.) The beers are marvelous, the vibe is mellow, and the night is short until it isn't. Check out a preview of the beer list below and reserve your spot soon. Tickets are ¥ 2000 - grab yours by calling 03-5738-7186 or dropping by the bar. 


Brooklyn Lager

Sorachi Ace

Defender IPA

Bel Air Sour


Saison Kitaya



K is for Kriek

Kiwi's Playhouse



2016 Black Ops

Hand and Seal Cognac 

Tripel Burner 

Oltokyo invitation0423
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