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Lucky 7's Rock 'n' Roll BBQ (NJ)

Lucky 7's Rock 'n' Roll BBQ (NJ)

One of our favorite events of the summer returns with Lucky 7's Rock 'n Roll BBQ on Saturday, July 14th from 12 PM until the small hours. The day is simple:

Step 1: Show up and grab a heaping plate of barbecue with extra napkins.
Step 2: Snag a can or two of Brooklyn Lager, Summer Ale, or East IPA to go along with all that food.
Step 3: Rock out to live music from ten bands, all day and all night, during which you can repeat the first two steps as necessary.

Check out the full band lineup below, and be sure to say hi-- we'll be by the food, singing through a mouthful of brisket.

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