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Brewery Technical Tour: Sensory Development Workshop (NYC)

Brewery Technical Tour: Sensory Development Workshop (NYC)

Put on your beer geek goggles and prepare to go beyond a simple sniff-and-sip with a Sensory Development Workshop and a technical tour of the Brewery on Wednesday, May 1st.

Starting at 7:15 PM our lab's Sensory Technician Scott Simpson will take you on a guided tasting and tour exploring the vast array of compounds that make up the flavors and aromas in your beer. You'll take an all-senses look at the science behind flavor, and Scott will explain how the human body has adapted to tell us what is tasty, strange, or completely unexplored.

The workshop will include a taste training where guests will taste samples of beers spiked with different flavor and aroma compounds just like our Brewery staff does during quality control training. Then you'll finish off the night with a rare beer from the lab's secret stash.

Space is very limited, so act fast and get your tickets below.

Can't make it this time? We're having another Sensory Development Workshop on 6/6 and 7/1 as well as a Barrel-Aging Technical Tour on 5/30, 6/25, and 7/15.

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