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Brooklyn Playlist: Montana Levy of Sharpless

Montana Levy

We’re happy to live & work in a borough with an amazing music scene. Each month, we’re bringing you a playlist curated by a Brooklyn-based artist of the best local music right now. First up, Montana Levy.  

Montana plays guitar and sings in the violent pop band Sharpless, which is part of The Epoch collective. She can be found spending too much time on Twitter at @montanaelliot.

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National Lager Day Goes Global (to Finland!)


We’re sure you’ve already begun your National Lager Day festivities (and if you haven’t, get started.) It’s a day to rejoice for all the crisp, smooth goodness a well-made lager can bring to your life. Not to mention appreciating Brooklyn Lager, our first beer ever and still our flagship.

As you enjoy your observatory Brooklyn Lager or crack open your other favorites, take a moment to send a toast to our friends in Finland as they celebrate bringing Brooklyn Lager on draft to their country for the first time. The Finns have been drinking plenty of bottled Brooklyn Brewery beers over the past few years, but we’re thrilled to add even more to their taprooms and restaurants.

From New York to Finland and beyond, happy National Lager Day, no matter which nation you call home.

In Finland and thirsty for a Brooklyn Lager on draft? Find it at these fine establishments, with more to come:

  • Ravintola Skogster
  • Namaskaar Bistro
  • Maja
  • Grotesk Ravintola
  • Mr. Don
  • Gloria Ravintola
  • Bull Bar & Grill
  • City Hospoda Ravintola
  • Kallion Seurahuone
  • Hemingway’s Rovaniemi
  • Rblu Vaasa Hotel O’Maleys
  • Fondis Ravintola
  • Beer-Hunters Panimoravint
  • Konttori Olutravintola
  • Tartan
  • Molotow Bar & Cafe
  • Vanha Monttu
  • Pub Simon
  • Bar K
  • Public House Pivo
  • Paapan Kapakka
  • Passion Tampere
  • The Old Bank
  • Sture Ravintola
  • Sling In Bar
  • O’Haras
  • Cup & Pint
  • Rantakerttu
  • Karjalantalo/Kerubi Kultt
  • Never Grow Old
  • Baker’s Tempo
  • Brygga Baari
  • Hrh Ravintola
  • Three Beers
  • Kuja Bar Bistro
  • Wanha Posti
  • Telakka Ravintola
  • Paino Baari
  • Mallaskukko Ravintola
  • Olutravintola Jano
  • Woolpack Ravintola
  • Graali
  • Klubi
  • Havana Bar & Coffee
  • El Jefe Ravintola
  • Kohina Baari
  • Linko Ravintola
  • High Level Bar
  • Le Bonk Music Hall
  • Tavastia Ravintola
  • Ravintola Wanha Tappi
  • Kirjankauppa Ravintola
  • Fellows Bar
  • Milli Miglia
  • Harald Pub
  • Ohranjyva Ravintola
  • Lab Bar
  • Walters Pub Tyrvaa
  • Palaveri Cafe Bar
  • Oliver’s Corner Rovaniemi
  • Harry’s Ravintola
  • Oluthuone Pekko
  • Kaijakka
  • Naantalin Kylpyla Keskusv
  • Alvar
  • Pippurmylly
  • O’Leary’s Forum
  • Oluthuone Leskinen
  • Corner’s Pub
  • Surakan Baari
  • U2 Pihlis
  • Uusi Portti Ravintola
  • Salhojankadun Pub
  • St. Michael
  • Pikilinna Pub
  • Anton Cafe
  • Iltakoulu Ravintola
  • Sillansuu Olutravintola
  • Public Corner Keskustori
  • Green Door Pub
  • Opus K
  • Seurustelurav Kaskenkatu1
  • Ukko-Munkki Ravintola
  • Kokomo Tikibar & Room
  • Cosmic Comic Cafe
  • Oljenkorsi Ravintola
  • Bar 9
  • Aussie Bar Tampere
  • Pastor Ravintola
  • Toolon Savel Fin Bistro
  • Roska Tampere
  • Sointu Music Bar-Cafe
  • Kuka Bar
  • Sitko Pizza & Bar

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Celebrate The Greenmarket Cookbook with Hyatt Union Square New York and Brooklyn Brewery

Greenmarket Wheat Blog Header

We’ve been working with our friends GrowNYC, operators of the New York City Greenmarkets and their GrowNYC program for some time to source local ingredients for our beer. We’ve been able to successfully release our Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat as a result of this collaboration, a refreshing wheat beer made from 70% New York State grains and hops from our Technical Director Mary Wiles’ family farm located just outside of Syracuse, New York. Part of the proceeds of the beer go towards funding GrowNYC’s diverse programming, supporting education, farmers markets and other agricultural efforts dedicated to strengthening New York State’s small farms. Now, we’re excited to announce that the Union Square Greenmarket team have released their first cookbook and made us a part of the festivities.

With the launch of The Greenmarket Cookbook, we’ve teamed up with the Union Square Greenmarket, GrowNYC and the Hyatt Union Square New York to put together a destination package celebrating the Greenmarket’s work and the occasion of the cookbook launch. When you book a stay with this package at the Hyatt, you’ll find your room stocked with a copy of The Greenmarket Cookbook, a $20 credit to the Greenmarket, a Hyatt Union Square New York tote bag, a guide with more information on the GrowNYC initiative and a limited edition 750 ml bottle of Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat for your very own. Make your reservations today and we’ll see you at the market.

The Legend Returns: Black Chocolate Stout is Back


The wait is over: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is back on the scene, heading to bars and stores near you.

We’ve already heard from some Brooklyn Brewery fans in the field who have found Black Chocolate Stout (or BCS, as its disciples call it) in their neck of the woods. Tag your haul on InstagramTwitter or Facebook with #BCSFound and let us and your fellow beer faithful know where you picked it up. After all, if they can buy their own they won’t ask for any of yours.

This legendary American imperial stout was Brewmaster Garrett Oliver’s first project at the Brooklyn Brewery. Midnight black and packed to the brim with rich dark chocolate flavors, Black Chocolate Stout can be enjoyed fresh or cellared for years. It’s the sort of beer you remember long after you finish your stash and haunts you until the next release.


Brooklyn Brewery x Shake Shack x The Bowery Presents: Rocktober Concert Pass Giveaway


We’re teaming up with some of our favorite neighbors, Shake Shack & The Bowery Presents, to make your October especially rocking with a Rocktober Pass Giveaway. The pass gets you: two tickets to each of The Bowery Presents shows below, a $50 Shack gift card, a Small Batch Brewery tour on 10/29, and 18 beer tokens to use in the Tasting Room.

10/12: Generationals, Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/18: Zeus, Mercury Lounge
10/23: RAC, Terminal 5
10/29: Streets of Laredo, Mercury Lounge

Want in? Of course you do. Follow The Bowery Presents, Shake Shack, and Brooklyn Brewery on Instagram, like the contest photo, and tag a friend! (Must be 21+ to enter.) We’ll announce the winner on 10/9.

And the NORTH Fest Nordic Hot Dog Champion Is: Chef Neal Fraser


After a long, hard night of sampling as many delicious dogs as possible at the NORTH Fest Nordic Hot Dog Championship, the people have crowned Chef Neal Fraser as their one true champion. Congratulations, Neal!

Chef Fraser competed along with ten other chefs in the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room, making it the best-smelling room on the East Coast at the time. Noted amateur chef semifinalists Dellie Wakeham and Egil Ekbom were also on hand to throw down, but in the end, Chef Fraser overcame what he described as a “tough corner position” in the room to charm the crowd and take the prize for the night.

Inspired by a recent trip to Norway, Chef Fraser decided he wanted to create a hot dog that was “clean, crisp, direct, and made with the history of the Nordic people.” To do that he spurned conventional hot dog meats and built his using a mix of traditional Scandinavian fish. 50% halibut, 25% scallops and 25% salmon filets were mixed together with egg whites, cream, salt and thyme to create his rich, satisfying base, topped with home-made sauerkraut and mustard. The dog nestled in a bun custom baked for Chef Fraser in Los Angeles and shipped to Brooklyn, creating a globetrotting dish worthy of Nordic Hot Dog Championship glory.

If you missed the Nordic Hot Dog Championship, we understand why you’re upset, but we don’t have any leftovers. Fortunately, NORTH Festival is still going strong until Friday, September 19, so you can still get your Nordic food fix. Catch us at the Nya Carnegie Beer Dinner with Chef Billy White and Chef Andrew Gerson tonight at the NORTH Pop-Up space, or stop by one of the other great events all over the city.

Grain to Glass: Welcome Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat


This is as local as local beer gets.

Brooklyn Brewery has always been proud to be a New York operation. In the 1800s, New York State was a massive brewing center, producing both raw materials and popular beer for years. Grains from upstate farms, hops from central New York and Long Island and the naturally balanced water found in the area made their way into countless local breweries, including 48 in Brooklyn alone. In Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat, we wanted to pay homage to the agricultural bounty that shaped early brewing in New York, and celebrate the small farms active in our area today.

We teamed up with GrowNYC’s Greenmarket to source the grain for this project. They linked us up with North Country Farms in Watertown NY, which provides 70% of the grain used in Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat. All of the hops for the beer come from a small family farm outside of Syracuse, NY. That was simple to source, since the farm is owned by Brooklyn Brewery Technical Director Mary Wiles (as those of you who recall Mary’s Maple Porter may remember), who grew up there. Our Bavarian yeast and New York State water completed the recipe, producing an unfiltered beer full of light fruit flavors and a zesty palate. It’s a utility player with food, able to accompany anything from fresh salads to grilled meat without being overwhelming.

Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat will be available first in four packs, starting this Saturday at the Union Square Greenmarket. Four packs and draft will spread and enter other markets, so be sure to ask when you’ll be able to grab yours at your favorite local bar, market or bottle shop. GrowNYC’s Greenmarket will receive a portion of the proceeds of Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat to continue their mission of supporting small farms, education, farmers markets, and other programs aimed at reviving New York State’s grain industries. It’s a New York beer from New York farms, and we’re proud to be sending it to you.

Brooklyn Defender Sightings Confirmed!


We’re proud to team up with New York Comic Con to bring the Brooklyn Defender back for a third year. What was once a bright, amber IPA with a golden-haired hero before receiving a gritty reboot alongside a darkly hoppy ale last year, this year’s Defender, a bold new hero penned by artist Amy Reeder, is an explosive red IPA. She’s ready for any battle…but who is The Defender, you may ask?

There was a time when bars were vibrant and full of life, packed with people lovingly debating the merits of their favorite taps. The people were happy but careless, unprepared for the evil that lurked just beyond the shine of the bar top. In crept The Blandness, and the Dark Times began. Flavor and song drained from the people’s tongues, and the beer, once so beloved, fled into distant memory. Then, after many years in the dark…*WHAP*! *CRUNCH*! *POW*! Out of the red dawn strode a hero: The Defender!

*CRASH*! Like a bolt of lightning she struck, at first too fast to be seen, and then suddenly too bold to be missed, beating back the shadows and sending flavorless swill skulking down the drains. Now the time has come for the people to remember the old ways and the soulful, wild beers they once cheered. Beers that grab you by the collar and make you sing along to songs you thought you’d forgotten. Beers worth defending…beers worthy of ourselves and our champion!

Some say the power of The Defender derives from red malts, which give her the bold color and rich roasted flavors she brings to the fray. Others say the secret is the explosive Mosaic hop that punches the nose with a rich fruity aroma, withering The Blandness with a hearty laugh. She moves gracefully but swiftly, a rambunctious blur assuring victory for all!

The Defender is worth celebrating, but like any celebration she’ll only be here so long before duty calls in some other dim city. You have your taps back and must defend them in her stead. Be strong. Keep an eye out for The Defender at your favorite bars, and be ready to sing and toast at her elbow when you do see her. The Dark Times have passed. It’s time for The Defender.

Where can you find The Defender? Across the city leading up to New York Comic Con, wherever good beer is poured and The Blandness is vanquished. At each of the events below, a pair of three-day passes to New York Comic Con is yours for the taking:

9/18: Pony Bar HK, Manhattan, NY
9/24: Woodwork, Brooklyn, NY
9/26: New Haven, CT Bar Crawl at: BAR, Prime 16, Ordinary, & Cask Republic.
9/29: Barcade, Brooklyn, NY
9/29: Barcade, Manhattan, NY
9/30: Sunswick, Queens, NY
10/1: Beer Culture, Manhattan, NY


Nordic Hot Dog Championship at North Festival


Bring your buns to battle with North Festival and Matbloggsentralen’s first-ever hunt for the world’s best Nordic hot dog. Start by submitting your own Nordic hot dog recipe to Matbloggsentralen for the consideration of a crack team of hot dog enthusiasts, Nordic food experts and other intimidating eaters. The five finest recipes will move on to the next round, eventually culminating in the top recipe writer taking a trip to Brooklyn to compete in the Nordic Hotdog Championship on Monday, September 15. The trip of a lifetime and eternal hot dog glory are on the line. Put on those thinking toques and show Matbloggsentralen your best Nordic hot dog.

Dinner Party Prep w. Ryan Miller, Jeff de Picciotto, & Andrew Gerson


Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a collaborative, multi-course meal series with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson, dedicated to spotlighting local producers.

Between bites of mole-hozon brownies and radishes dipped in a hummus-style hozon dip, we spoke with Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson and his partners in culinary crime: Ryan Miller and Jeff de Picciotto. Ryan and Jeff are product development chef and project manager, respectively, at Momofuku’s Kaizen Trading Company (which is where the magic happens, provided by “magic” you mean “fermenting legumes”). As Dinner Party No. 1 draws closer, the chefs have been working at an increasingly fevered pace.Luckily, between menu revisions and recipe testing, they had a few minutes to talk bonji, hozon, and the collaborative process. Check out the interview & menu below.

Brooklyn Brewery: Can you tell us a little bit about your personal cooking philosophies and how you merged them to throw this Dinner Party?

Ryan Miller: Our main goal at the lab is to investigate culinary traditions that involve fermentation. They’re things that take a lot of time to produce strong and interesting flavors, so we’re not necessarily your normal kitchen. It’s a lot of prep, and a lot of waiting, and trusting the fermentation process to do its job.

Andrew, the menus you create during The Mash focus a lot on fresh, seasonal cooking, so how does that style interplay with the really deliberate process that the Lab works with?

Andrew Gerson: It’s hard to consume all of the bounty of what you have available in any given season, so preservation in all of its forms is really important. How you do that, whether it’s through using the ingredients when they’re freshest, pickling them, fermenting them, or curing them, it’s all kind of the same. You still honor those ingredients.

Can you walk us through how Dinner Party No. 1 came to be? What’s the process of planning a meal on this scale like?

AG: I would say it started with a conversation. The point of Dinner Party is to highlight local producers and to share their products with our guests. The very first thing we did was come here. I really geeked out, and got to try tons of bonji and hozon and different experiments from the lab.  So we came in, we tried a bunch of stuff, and then we started brainstorming. I know we all had a few ideas coming to the table. There are some dishes that come more from this kitchen, there are some that come a little bit more from me, but overall it’s a pretty even collaborative meal between the four folks here that run this kitchen every day, and myself.

You guys ever butt heads at all?

AG: What I think that’s nice about this is that there isn’t ego. It’s not like “this dish is mine!” and “this is my component!” It’s like, hey guys, let’s try this together. What can make this work? We’ve done two taste tests, and today is our third. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter whose it. Let’s put forward a dish that we’re all proud of that represents the products that we’re using. And so far, it’s been pretty good.

Jeff de Picciotto: And not only has Andrew and the Brooklyn Brewery team been able to try our products, but we have been able to go over to the Brewery, see their processes, try their beer, and then see how those pair with the hozons and bonjis specifically.

AG: I see a longer relationship here, and I think so much of what we do at the brewery every day is about collaboration with the folks in our neighborhood. It’s really exciting and humbling to be able to work with these dudes and gals.

Do you find yourselves leaning towards a certain region or cuisine when you’re cooking with bonji and hozon?

RM: That’s the great thing about having two products that haven’t really existed before. They have flavor profiles that haven’t existed. It’s allowed us a range of styles. The menu for this dinner actually goes from cacio e pepe to a mole. Those are pretty far from each other, geographically. It’s not supposed to be fusion, though.

AG: There’s no fusion here. You’re taking flavor profiles that may be reminiscent of Asia or Europe or wherever, and you’re creating something that is its own. I hate the word fusion. People are always asking what style of food you make, and my answer is that I make good food with things that I have around me. There’s inspiration from different regions, but I think it’s a unique menu in that it’s capturing those flavors wherever they fall.


So since Kaizen products are so new, how are you introducing them to the public?

RM: I think for the general public, it’s going to have to be a very educational process, just as it was for craft brewing. It took a while for craft beer to really take hold, and now it’s in every bodega, which is great. I hope that at some point, we’ll get to that level.

JDP: It’s sometimes hard for people to wrap their heads around a miso paste made from a different ingredient or soy sauce with something that’s not soy, but, really, it’s just a spoonful away. Once they have that first taste it really opens up their mind. A lot of it has to do with just tasting.

RM: We say that it adds a backbone to any dish that, with vegetarian products, you wouldn’t have. If you’re going to sauté some vegetables and add a little hozon to it, you won’t really miss the meat. You won’t want bacon, you won’t want chicken stock. I focus on that aspect.

Like those rapturous Eater reviews of the chickpea hozon ramen!

AG: Right. The bonji & hozon also provide, as far as our foodsystem goes, an easier alternative. It’s not just eat your tofu, eat your tempeh, eat your vegetables. Animal protein production is really destructive, mostly, and what we’re doing is a great way to support that change to a more vegetable and fruit based diet, which we could all benefit from.

What do you want people leaving this Dinner Party to walk away thinking?

RM: I want them to walk away knowing that the culinary heritage in the states is really young, but we really are starting to develop and come into our own, whether it’s craft beer or fermented pickles or east Asian ferments. Miso and soy sauce are just the beginnings of what we can create here in the states that rivals some of the best products imported from Japan. Hopefully everyone sees how easy it is to incorporate these things into your cuisine and up your game in the kitchen.

AG: For us, the goal of Dinner Party is to highlight and collaborate with really cool makers, so I want people to leave this dinner talking about Kaizen, and talking about what restaurants are using this product and where they can get more of it. Kaizen and Ryan value a lot of the same things I do, and it’s exciting to find and work with people nearby who love what we love. I want our guests to leave satiated and full and content and slightly drunk and having a good time. That’s the goal.



Dinner Party No. 1 sold out quickly, but tickets for No. 2, happening August 7th with Brooklyn Grange, will be available soon. Keep your eyes on the blog, or follow us on Twitter for more details.

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