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Brooklyn Defender Sightings Confirmed!

We’re proud to team up with New York Comic Con to bring the Brooklyn Defender back for a third year. What was once a bright, amber IPA with a golden-haired hero before receiving a gritty reboot alongside a darkly hoppy ale last year, this year’s Defender, a bold new hero penned by artist Amy Reeder, is an explosive red IPA. She’s ready for any battle…but who is The Defender, you may ask?

There was a time when bars were vibrant and full of life, packed with people lovingly debating the merits of their favorite taps. The people were happy but careless, unprepared for the evil that lurked just beyond the shine of the bar top. In crept The Blandness, and the Dark Times began. Flavor and song drained from the people’s tongues, and the beer, once so beloved, fled into distant memory. Then, after many years in the dark…*WHAP*! *CRUNCH*! *POW*! Out of the red dawn strode a hero: The Defender!

*CRASH*! Like a bolt of lightning she struck, at first too fast to be seen, and then suddenly too bold to be missed, beating back the shadows and sending flavorless swill skulking down the drains. Now the time has come for the people to remember the old ways and the soulful, wild beers they once cheered. Beers that grab you by the collar and make you sing along to songs you thought you’d forgotten. Beers worth defending…beers worthy of ourselves and our champion!

Some say the power of The Defender derives from red malts, which give her the bold color and rich roasted flavors she brings to the fray. Others say the secret is the explosive Mosaic hop that punches the nose with a rich fruity aroma, withering The Blandness with a hearty laugh. She moves gracefully but swiftly, a rambunctious blur assuring victory for all!

The Defender is worth celebrating, but like any celebration she’ll only be here so long before duty calls in some other dim city. You have your taps back and must defend them in her stead. Be strong. Keep an eye out for The Defender at your favorite bars, and be ready to sing and toast at her elbow when you do see her. The Dark Times have passed. It’s time for The Defender.

Where can you find The Defender? Across the city leading up to New York Comic Con, wherever good beer is poured and The Blandness is vanquished. At each of the events below, a pair of three-day passes to New York Comic Con is yours for the taking:

9/18: Pony Bar HK, Manhattan, NY
9/24: Woodwork, Brooklyn, NY
9/26: New Haven, CT Bar Crawl at: BAR, Prime 16, Ordinary, & Cask Republic.
9/29: Barcade, Brooklyn, NY
9/29: Barcade, Manhattan, NY
9/30: Sunswick, Queens, NY
10/1: Beer Culture, Manhattan, NY


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