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Apr 30

Summer Kick Off Party @ Ebenezer Ale House (NY)


Brooklyn Summer Ale is April’s Beer of the Month at Ebenezer Ale House in West Seneca, NY, and they’re celebrating with a big summer kick off party on April 30th. Summer Ale pints will be $3; order a Brooklyn Blast! or Brewmaster’s Reserve and keep your glass. Brooklyn’s Lindsey Styborski will hanging out playing corn toss. She’ll also be hosting a raffle. For every Brooklyn pint purchased you’ll be entered to win a crate of Brooklyn swag.

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Apr 30

Brewmaster Garrett Oliver Tap Attack @ Blind Tiger

Garrett Sorachi Brett Casper

The Brooklyn Brewery has a checkered moral past when it comes to attacking innocent bar taps. While attendees often leave the Tap Attack parties happy, carefree, and slightly lacquered-up, they rarely stop to consider the taps themselves: battered and exhausted from the onslaught of delicious Brooklyn Brewery beers pouring ceaselessly through their nozzles.

While we occasionally stop and reflect upon this issue, the moral quandary presented by our tap-attacking has done little to dissuade us from presenting you with the mother of all tap attacks: April 30th’s Brooklyn Brewmaster Night at the Blind Tiger Ale House.

Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and a legion of the finest Brooklyn Brewery staffers will be on-hand to unleash one of the great tap rampages of our time. We’ll be pouring:

Hammerby Syndrome
Fire & Ice
Cuvee La Boite
Brooklyn Blast!
Sorachi Ace
Brooklyn Summer Ale
Brooklyner Weisse
Companion Ale
Silver Anniversary Lager
Vintage Monster Ale
½ Ale

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Beer Craft Beer Craft Brew