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Silver Anniversary Wallpaper

Celebrating 25 Years of Brooklyn Beer

25 years ago, two neighbors threw caution to the wind, quit their respective day jobs as a reporter and a banker, and founded Brooklyn Brewery. The road to success was paved with many challenges, but today The Brewery’s award-winning roster of beers is distributed in 25 states and 21 countries, and the neighbors, Steve Hindy & Tom Potter (before and after pic below) are two happy campers: Tom has moved on to found the NY Distilling Company, and Steve still sits in the chair at the brewery.

  • GregKItz

    Happy Anniversary & Thanks for your trend-setting move in bringing good beer to the U.S. Best, GregKitz of

  • Jeff

    I’m a manager at a beverage center in upstate NY. We just received a case of the 25th Anniversary Lager with the 2nd label on it. This bottle claims 9% while the first label says 8.6%. I would like to clarify whether it is the same beer with a label mistake or if it is, in fact, a different beer inside the bottle. Please and thank you.

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