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It’s Burger and Beer Time at The Cupping Room

spongebob burger spin

It’s difficult to improve on beer. But adding a good burger or two certainly helps. From September 28 through the end of October, The Cupping Room will be featuring our beers alongside their treasured Wednesday burger deal during happy hour.

Imagine it now: you finally drag yourself across the finish line of another work day, slumping as you realize it’s only the middle of the week. You shamble down Broadway, duck into a seat, and everything changes. A whiff of char, a burst of cheese and soft, generous bun– a burger, just for you. And a beer! With little or no thought, you polish both off. You’ve never been a poet, but suddenly you feel a certain kind of way about the rest of the week.

Get out there and conquer, friend. Just remember the beer and burger that picked you up when you needed it. We’ll be at the next table if you want to thank us in person.

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