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Laugh It Out At Group Therapy


Dr. Horrible laugh

Group therapy is a funny thing. Wait, let us try that again.

Group Therapy, the recurring comedy show sweeping across Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, and London, is literally a funny thing. Born out of a love of comedy and a desire to see it as the true focus at comedy nights, Group Therapy dedicated themselves to creating a showcase that truly celebrated humor and the funny people on stage delivering their best material for fellow comedy lovers. No hecklers, no stag or hen parties, no tourists loudly comparing iPhone maps. Just comedy, plain and simple– the therapy is a side effect.

We’re no strangers to the comedy scene, and we applaud Group Therapy’s commitment to creating such a welcoming environment for performers. We’ve teamed up to help put on regular shows at Headrow House in Leeds, Gorilla in Manchester, and Rough Trade in Nottingham. And because nothing soothes the ravaged mind quite like a little routine, we have the full 2017 schedule below for you to plan your life around.

Details for further performances will be added as the shows get closer, but trust us: you’re coming to the right place for comedy. Kick back, grab a beer, and relax– everyone in group therapy is there for one another.










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