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[Photos by Jen Plaskowitz and Dan Teran]

[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]

On a lovely spring night in Manhattan, about 300 people squeezed into the free co-working space, Wix Lounge near Union Square for a lively evening of art, food, drink and music.  The occasion was the inaugural edition of Red White & View in New York City.  After a couple years of producing very popular events in Tel Aviv that showcase the works of 5-8 emerging artists with proceeds going to various charities, RWV decided to bring the love to NYC.

An eclectic and international mix of people came to enjoy an exhibition of the works based on the naked body by Alexander Motyl, Andrew Einhorn, Erica Simone, Joana Ricou, Mia Berg, Myles Bennett, with projections by Casey Kelbaugh and Chris Talbott.  Artist Spencer Tunick was the honorary host and food was provided by Shantilly Picnic, Brooklyn Fork & Spoon, Dorian Gray, Alison Eighteen and libations were generously donated by Société Perrier, Forever Young Wines and of course Brooklyn Brewery.

The excitement at Wix was palpable right out the the gate and only gained momentum as the hours tumbled by.  By the time the clock struck 7, a couple hummus and crostini platters were decimated and Joana Ricou had already sold one of her largest pieces.  Though the work tended heavily on representation of the female form, Chris Talbott’s slideshow featuring ten years of pictures of him emerging naked from the woods brought some much needed balance and schlong to the event.

The first RVW managed to raise $3000 for Slideluck Potshow, fostered a great deal of art-appreciation (as well as sales!) and likely got dozens of people laid.  I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before the second edition comes along, but in the meantime, maybe we should call it like it is:  Red White & Brew.

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  • Michael Alex

    Very funny . . . .thanks Casey and SLPS for the BB hook-up!  It goes well with kosher sausage.  

  • Jen

    Red White and….Boob?

    Just kidding, that was a great launch.  Congratulations to Joana and all the artists!

  • Ashley Gallman

    Such an incredible event!  Everyone is welcome to come back to Wix Lounge anytime And check out  your friendly website builder and the folks that make our free space possible.

  • Carly

    I absolutely love that Chris Talbot piece! I bet the wine cupcakes were delicious!

  • Mia

    Did I read that right?  How did I miss the WINE CUPCAKES?  I did see some cute little mini cupcakes floating by at one point…

    Amazing event, such fun!

  • Eeyore1387

    schlong – is that yiddish?

  • Joana Ricou

    This was amazing! And PS: Portugal represent! 

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