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[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]
[Photos by Lexi Namer, Christopher Guess and Kristen Blush]

As the room filled with Hookers it became clear that it was going to be good night.  Some looked a little banged-up, but most had their game faces on and were there either to party – or just to forget.

It had been three weeks since Hurricane Sandy had her nasty way with the little corner of King’s County known as Red Hook.  Many of the artists, craftsmen, families and small businesses that make up the community were still struggling to get back on their feet.  Recalling the incredibly good food and artwork we shared with the neighborhood at Slideluck Red Hook in June 2011, we felt compelled to do what we could to give back.

Slideluck ♥ Red Hook Benefit took shape as a benefit at the White Box exhibition space in the Lower East Side.  There were affordable tickets, cheap drinks and a wide range of raffle prizes, such as a recording session at Sweetsounds Studio, a private yoga lesson, artwork, a 5Boro skateboard, subscriptions to Viewbook and Sweets & Bitters, gift cards to Artsicle, Adorama, Fiber Ink Studio, Randolph Beer and Barrio Chino and even a Linus bicycle courtesy of Ride Brooklyn.

Then there were the cakeballs by Flour Shop, the tequila drinks by Tanteo, the grilled cheese sammies by Milk Truck and the little green and black cans full of cold, refreshing Perrier.  I think there might have been beer too.

A lot of Slideluckers came out of the woodwork to show their support for this one.  As did many cyclists from the Trimble Racing community, joggers from Orchard Street Runners, supporters from some of our sponsors, Undercurrent, Photoshelter and MatchAction, and of course plenty of Hookers.

DJ Many Mansions was on the turntables, Manufacture New York was printing Restore Red Hook t-shirts on the spot, slideshows screened on both floors and a dedicated team of volunteers and Slideluck alums kept things running like a Swiss watch.  The first slideshow was of artists that participated in Slideluck Red Hook and the second was coverage of Hurricane Sandy by some amazing local photojournalists, including Mario Tama, Kristen Luce, Peter Van Agtmael and Alan Chin.

The raffle went on so long that everyone that stuck it out won a prize and went home happy.  The big winner was Miguel Goodbar, who rode home on his new Linus Roadster.

Over $6,000 was raised on that evening for the Red Hook Initiative and Restore Red Hook.  Not bad for six days’ work!

If it weren’t for such amazing staff and volunteers to help clean up, White Box would have had to change their name to Grey Box.  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and guests and Hookers wandered off into the night, arm in arm.

  • Lila

    Yessss! Hooker parties FTW!

  • Georgie

    Well done guys, it was a great night and fantastic news that you managed to raise so much. I know that Red Hook will put the funds to good use.

  • jen

    Red Hook wins! Everybody wins!

  • Casey Kelbaugh

    It turns out there WAS beer there! Brooklyn Lager in nifty little cans!

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