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[Images by Sharif Hassan]
[Text by Lila Allen]

Aaaaaat last.

Last Sunday, after over three years in the making, SLIDELUCK finally debuted in The Big Peach – Atlanta, for those not in the know. Directed by Sara Hopkins and produced by Kaylinn Gilstrap, Slideluck transformed the gorgeous, 10,000 square foot Ambient + Studio from an empty photography studio into a modern event space complete with a bar, a potluck area, dining tables, and a viewing area for the slideshow later in the evening. The modern furniture donations provided by Modern Furniture Collection added a touch of elegance that would please any Mies van der Rohe fanboy. (C’mon, we know you’re out there.)

Also listed as featured event by Atlanta Celebrates Photography, which takes place during the month of October, Slideluck was also supported by Professional Photographic Resources and Morel Studio Support – two central photographic resources in Atlanta. To add a little groove, we had DJ Soundwave on hand to spin oldies-but-goodies all night long.

The Atlanta potluck wasn’t too shabby either, offering everything from turkey cous cous to BBQ tacos to an award-winning blueberry-and-peach pie that looked like something straight out of the pages of Southern Living. Rooster 14 shared their incredible bigger-than-your-head cookies that became an instant crowd favorite, and RawX brought along some tasty raw and vegan treats for the healthy eaters in the room.

An awesome potluck like that one can make a girl thirsty, and fortunately Brooklyn Brewery was there to help out. Guests enjoyed Brooklyn Brown Ale, India Pale Ale, and Pilsner provided lovingly by our friends at the brewery.

Slideshows for the first-ever SLIDELUCK Atlanta did not disappoint, thanks to curators David Bram and Kendrick Brinson. Some shows were documentary (Johnathon Kelso); others were intimate (Jessica Pinkstone and Matt Eich).

By the end of the night, folks were already asking about the second installment of SLIDELUCK Atlanta. We may not have a date on the calendar yet, but we can tell you this: it’ll be a lot sooner than three years.

  • Lila

    Nice pic of me and dad, Sharif! ;)

  • Casey Kelbaugh

    So pissed that Sandy kept me from the Peach.

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