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[Text by Ben Sklar, Slideluck Austin Director]
[Photos by and Drew Anthony Smith and Lindsay Hutchens]

The cozy garden space at the CTC International non profit welcomed Slideluck back for another fantastic show in a spectacular outdoor setting by hosting Austin Slideluck V. Rainy weather that worried attendees held off for a perfect evening of laughs and art in the outdoor venue. Plenty of photographers were ready to kick off their shoes and see the show as they were wrapping up the 3 day Texas Photo Roundup conference. Over 250 people made their way to the garden to share amazing dishes and see Slideluck’s fifth Austin showing. The crowd was full of smiling faces and happy potluckers ready to mingle in the laid back vibe. Everyone ate home made dishes as unique as chocolate cameras and devoured pizza from Homeslice while happily indulging in almost 400 cans of Brooklyn Lager.

We were fortunate enough to have Molly Roberts, a native Texan and photo editor of Smithsonian Magazine, curate all the wonderful submitted work. The show highlighted many local artists demonstrating a broad range of talent from abstract iphone photography to portraits of musicians to one favorite pet dog. The first half got the audience to ‘turn up’ while the second half could best be described as ‘Crunk’.

A few lucky guests were awarded with raffle prizes for bringing outstanding dishes that were favorites of the volunteer staff. After the show was complete, raffle prizes given away and plenty of Brooklyn Lager had been drank. The night ended with the smashing of a piñata and the quick gathering of delicious candy.

Austin’s spirited community pulsed all night, Slideluck Potshow Austin V brought out the love for the arts in the city and the creative people who make it home.

  • Jen

    You guys really know how to do it in Austin! Thanks for another great show!

  • Hannah R. Sporn

    That is one fine piñata!

  • Kim

    The hobbit hole aesthetic of the event space really adds to this for me. Looks like everyone had an amazing time!

  • Casey Kelbaugh

    That piñata sure had a smug look on his face. Glad we took care of that with our dongle.

  • Stephanie

    Finally made it to Austin! Thank you for the generous hospitality (and car rides,) beautiful photography and multi-media stories, chocolate camera assemblages and 1am. windy dive bar corral chats!

  • Daeha Ko

    Wow, another great Slideluck event! Looks like everyone had fun with the piñata!

  • Adrienne

    The community did it again! The show, the vibe, the group, raffle prizes, food and of course the beer made for another awesome and inspiring Slideluck Austin!

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