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[Text by Lila Allen]
[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

Between the 2012 Presidential Election and FotoWeekDC, the District had quite a ride last week. And what better way to finish the weekend than with the return of Slideluck to D.C.?

Led by director Patrick McMullen, SLIDELUCK DC VIII partnered with FotoWeek to bring in the best talent from the DC area and beyond. Some artists (such as Robb Hill and Ed Pfueller) focused on local culture and history; others, including artists Dominic Bracco and Shannon Jensen, brought us into another world with their heartfelt shots of international conflict and human perseverance.

D.C. has always delivered on their potlucks, and Sunday was no exception. Highlights include chevre-stuffed dates served on a banana leaf tray and a hearty (but healthy!) kale salad with apples. Hopefully we’ll find some room in our stomachs for Thanksgiving next week!

Thanks to our sponsors Brooklyn Brewery and Viewbook, we also had some fantastic door prizes for guests – tours at the Brooklyn Brewery, a Brooklyn Brewery sweatshirt, and Viewbook Pro account subscriptions. Thanks also to Malmaison for hosting us!

D.C., thanks for making it great!

  • Lila

    Still so impressed by the banana leaf tray.

    It had little wine cork feet. Fo realz.

  • Jen Plaskowitz

    I was so impressed with the Slideluck team in pulling together this event! Big thanks to the FotoWeek tech crew, and congrats to Malmaison for a huge opening night!

  • kidchicago

    Thanks Brooklyn – we love you!

    Patrick McMullen
    Slideluck DC!/SlideluckDC

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