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SLPS Dublin-19


[Text Maria Teresa Salvati]
[Photos by Miriam O'Connor, Sean Rushe and Symon Lazewski]

An empty, blank warehouse with no sound system, no projector, and no white panel to project the slideshow; some broken benches, creaky chairs, and only one table: that was the scenario found at Moxie Studios just one day before Slideluck Potshow Dublin. At the same time, directors Kate and Mandy seemed so calm and in control of everything that it seemed inappropriate to worry about it, or even verbalize any concern.

Kate and Maria Teresa (the director of Slideluck Potshow London who arrived to support and help with the production) enjoyed a lunch in the sun and made their production checklist. The rest of the afternoon, the focus was on perfecting the slideshow and controlling the music, order, credits, and light. All happy with the work, Kate, Mandy, and Maria Teresa made their way back to Moxie Studios.

This time, a chain (literally) of people was ready to fit together like an interlocking puzzle to deliver on the plan that the directors had made for them. From boyfriends, to sisters, to friends, to photo enthusiasts and even a few folks from the PhotoIreland Festival, which happened to be in the same location setting up for an event the following day — all volunteered to do something.

Dave started to build tables and fix the creaky chairs and the benches; Mandy’s sister was asked to go and buy buckets and ice to cool the beers; a white panel was mounted and painted on the spot for the slideshow projection; Austin arrived with a professional PA, massive speakers and sound system; Angel set up a very powerful projector; and by 5pm at least six volunteers made their way to the Studio.

An hour to test sound and projection, and by now, there was really nothing to worry about…but was someone going to turn up and bring food?

The official start time was 7pm, but by 6.30 there were already a dozen of people with food. That was a good sign! The place was packed in the end. Most of the attendees brought delicious dishes, ranging from quiches, to cakes, cheeses, and pastas.

The magic of Slideluck Potshow happened again in a new city, which just a few days before couldn’t even spell or remember the name of the event.

There was a clear Irish imprint in everything, from the faces, to the food, to the work selected – many selected artists were Irish. However, Slideluck Potshow is like a family that travels around the world. Some attendees had visited past potlucks: London, Amsterdam, New York, and more. There were even people that knew Casey, Slideluck Potshow’s founder, when he used to organize SLPS in his house in Seattle, over 10 years ago, and another guy who used to be Casey’s flatmate in New York!

Despite the Irish stamp of the night, the Dubliners managed to forget – and leave home – their beloved Guinness to fully embrace the tasty American lager provided by Brooklyn Brewery. They loved it!

SLPS Dublin extends a special thanks to the curators Louise Clements (Artistic Director of FORMAT International Photography Festival) and Peggy Sue Amison (Artistic Director at Sirius Art Centre Cobh).

  • Lila

    This looks awesome! And umm…. can I please get a bite of that chocolate spread?!

  • Casey

    What’s Guinness?

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