[Text by Francis Allen]

[Photos by Cedric Smith]

The line was out the door, down the street and around the corner to get into Savannah’s first SLIDELUCK last Thursday night.

Due to fire capacity, we had to turn folks away but their sadness was averted because they now had an entire casserole to themselves and ice-cold Brooklyn Brewery frosties to wash it down with in the downstairs lounge.  Upstairs, in the ballroom of American Legion Post 135, the crowd was wall-to-wall, even more so after the potluck and the B vitamins were flowing thanks to Brooklyn Brewery!

By the end of the evening, despite the firehose of culture that is SLIDELUCK, we were hearing more “youse’s” than “y’all’s” and Troy Wandzel had traded in his crazy sideways cap du jour for a crazy sideways Nets cap.  City Hotel served up some old-timey string music and close to 400 Savannahians acknowledged that their lives now consisted of the pre-SLIDELUCK years and everything that happened thereafter.  Brooklyn Brewery’s IPA and Pilsner were the clear winners on the night, with the Chocolate Stout coming in a still respectable third—considering it was 70 degrees outside in January and Savannahians’ blood is already thick as cane syrup.

Thank you, Brooklyn Brewery and SLIDELUCK for an evening people will be mumbling about till the next time around!

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