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[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]
[Photos by Mike Tjioe]

On a high-waisted hot night in Toronto
Came a summertime soiree in the Gallery District
Old friends and new
Pulled pork sliders from The Depanneur
A delicious but drier version of bruschetta
made with tomatoes from Sarah Keenlyside‘s garden
A tin of sardines
A ton of biscotti
Brooklyn Lager flowing like sweet summer sun
The crowd spills out front of Cooper Cole Gallery
Smoking cigarettes and drinking punch
Surprise guests from New York
The Slideluck team from Montreal
Nichon Glerum from Amsterdam
Who brought her Dutch sensibility to TO

The lights are dimmed
Casey talks of his lifelong curiosity of Toronto
And his love of the waters to the North
Sarah thanks the team and local partners
Nichon kicks off a raffle where everybody wins
Dinners, Viewbook websites and Joby Gorillapods
One couple even won a trip to the opera
And promptly gave it to another couple that was hoping for it
How Canadian is that?
Then the slideshow kicks off
25 local artists all meditating on the theme of Summer
From Naomi Harris to Gregg Segal to Douglas Coupland
Each one preceded by a brilliant little interstitial film
An ice cream cone melting in reverse
Two seagulls fighting for a pizza slice
Gummy bears stuck to a flip flop
The show concludes with a warm round of applause
Peopler gather to congratulate artists
Others meander next door the after party at Get Well
One of the many bars on Dundas West
That have only existed for about 10 minutes
In the bar are Dolly Parton pinball games
And you guessed it
More members of TO’s high-waisted youth

  • Slideluck Lila

    Love those glasses, Nichon. Gimme.

  • Carrie <3 Slideluck

    That poor watermelon! And someone bring me one of those churros ASAP!

  • Jehan

    Can I be part of this raffle where everybody wins? And those pulled pork sliders look SO GOOD!

  • Casey

    I’m a poet and I didn’t even blow it.

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