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What a night!  Vancouverites came together like never before at the inaugural SLIDELUCK Vancouver to recognize local artists, enjoy new food and celebrate the arts community.

Hosted in the atrium of the historic re-developed Woodwards building, over 150 people joined together to dine on delicious dishes contributed by Save On Meats, Not So Fast Food, Brioche Urban Baking & Catering, Le Tigre Cuisine, Ze Bite and Earnest Ice Cream.

The phrase “I can’t believe it’s finally happening!” was over-heard more than once coming from tables of citizens as diverse as Canada itself.  Each person with a cup full of wine or beer from our friends at Brooklyn Brewery.

As the night went on and strangers became friends, the whole crowd buzzed with a sense of joy, appreciation and goodwill.  Content with the knowledge by coming out to SLIDELUCK Vancouver, they weren’t just supporting the artists but also the Vancouver community by donating one Save On Meats meal token to our local community partners for each ticket purchased.

As light from the last slideshow faded, music from the live band Warless grew louder, one thing became clear.  SLIDELUCK Vancouver is only getting started, and here to stay!

  • Stephanie

    Thank you artists, volunteers and others who worked so hard to launch Slideluck Vancouver! Thank you Brooklyn Brewery! See you at SL Vancouver II!

  • Jen

    So glad this finally happened! Hooray Vancouver!!!!

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