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The Brooklyn Brewery Party Argus

The Party Argus, a good times version of the mythological creature with 100 eyes. We’re keeping our eyes out for the best happenings, tastings, and get togethers involving Brooklyn Brewery beers. Not a sleep worthy moment on the list. Check out the below listing of things happening, everywhere, this week.

Brooklyn Country Cantina @ Licha’s Cantina (TX) 3/15

Presentation Party Night @ Bat Haus 3/16

St. Patrick’s Day Black & Brooklyns @ The Pizza Peel (NC) 3/17

St Patrick’s Day Black & Brooklyns @ Sunset Grill (TX) 3/17

Guided Tasting @ The Flying Saucer (TX) 3/19

Girl’s Pint Night Out @ Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room, 3/19

Tom Shillue’s Funny Story @ Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room, 3/20

Black & Brooklyns @ Stanley’s NE Bar Room (MN) 3/20

Brawl in the Hall @ City Beer Hall (NY) 3/20

Brewmaster’s Reserve Tap Attack @ The Park (NY) 3/20

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