Photograph by Fred W. McDarrah/MUUS Collection.

Around the world, hard won LGBTQ+ rights are fragile and just being who you are can be dangerous. In public and in private, there is a real risk of abuse, harm and even death – especially when homophobic and transphobic attitudes are explicitly endorsed by society and political systems.  

Even in countries where there has been relative progression, it’s alarming how quickly rights can be rolled back. Just this year in the US, conservative state law makers proposed over 110 anti-trans bills this year, including ones that would seek to ban transgender people from using bathroom facilities that correspond to their gender. There are constant legal challenges to defend and that’s before we even begin to talk about attitudes in society. And let’s not forget, there are countries in the world where being gay or transgender is still punishable by death. 

At Brooklyn Brewery we talk about the importance of getting our house in order and educating all our employees on LGBTQ+ rights, both historically and today. And what better way to test your knowledge than with a quiz! How much do you know about LGBTQ+ issues around the world?   

1. How many countries in the world still criminalise same-sex relations?  

a. 13 

b. 41 

c. 69 

d. None 


2. The Stonewall Inn Riots took place in:  

a. 1959 

b. 1969 

c. 1970 

d. 1999  


3. Which was the first country to legalise same-sex marriage?  

a. Denmark 

b. Spain 

c. The Netherlands  

d. Canada  


4. Who was the first trans man to feature on the cover of Time Magazine?  

a. Chaz Bono 

b. Elliot Page 

c. Freddy McConnell 

d. Shane Ortega 


5. In which country have over 100 towns and areas declared themselves “LGBT free” zones?  

a. Russia 

b. Brazil 

c. North Korea 

d. Poland 


6. Which is the first country in Latin America to include a third gender category, “X”, in passports and National Identity Documents? 

a. Argentina 

b. Peru  

c. Cuba 

d. Mexico 


7. In what year did the World Health Organisation finally declassify being transgender as a “mental disorder”?  

a. 1989 

b. 1999 

c. 2009 

d. 2019 


8. From top to bottom, in what order are the four colours in the Non-Binary Pride Flag: 

a. Yellow, white, purple, black  

b. Black, purple, yellow, white 

c. White, yellow, purple, black 

d. Purple, yellow, white, black


9. The Stonewall Inn is in which New York City neighbourhood?  

a. Tribeca 

b. Brooklyn  

c. Greenwich Village 

d. Soho 


10. The Black Lives Matter movement was formed by three women. How many of them are queer? 

a. One 

b. Two 

c. Three 

d. None  






  1. C – 69  
  2. B – 1969  
  3. C – The Netherlands  
  4. B – Elliot Page.   
  5. D – Poland.  
  6. A – Argentina  
  7. 6 – D. Shockingly, it was only in 2019  
  8. A – Yellow, white, purple, black  
  9. C – Greenwich Village  
  10. B – Two. Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors are both queer.