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Bklyn Folk Festival

Friday, June 10-Sunday, June 12

Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 395-3214

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
499 Van Brunt Street
NY 11231-1048
(718) 596-2507

$20/day or $55/3 days; purchase tickets here.

The Brooklyn Brewery is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival:

“Come down to The Brooklyn Folk Festival in Redhook Brooklyn over the weekend to hear Brooklyn’s best traditional Folk musicians and song writers. You will hear banjos, fiddles, mandolins, guitars, people blowing on jugs and harmonicas, a world champion whistler as well as great original songs. If you want to learn how to play, come down to the afternoon instrumental workshops… The music featured will include traditional styles such as old-time string band music, blues, jug band music, traditional music of Mexico, the Balkans and West Africa, local songwriters and more!  There will be concerts throughout the day as well as workshops on various musical styles, film screenings and a Sunday afternoon square dance!  This year will also inaugurate the Brooklyn Folk Festival “Banjo Toss.”  The person who throws a banjo the farthest will win a free banjo!”

Read more to view the full lineup:

Friday, June 10 @ Jalopy Theatre

6:00 PM Winston Fleary and the Big Drum Nation Dance Company
7:00 PM Jay Gandhi
8:00 pm Major Contay & The Canebrake Rattlers (spelling change)
8:45 PM Uncle Monk
9:30 PM Peter Stampfel & The Ether Frolic Mob
10:15 PM Feral Foster
11:00 PM Jake Sanders Sextet

Saturday, June 11 @ the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition

2:30 PM Jake Sanders performs Mexican folk tunes
3:15 PM Larry Hanks & Deborah Robbins
4:15 PM The Americans
5:00 PM Hubby Jenkins
5:45 PM Lankandia Cissoko
6:30 PM Walker, Jay & Steve from Baltimore
7:15 PM Black Sea Hotel
8:00 PM Roulette Sisters
9:00 PM Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton
9:45 PM The Dust Busters
10:30 PM Radio Jarocho
11:15 PM Clifton Hicks
12:00 AM Whiskey Spitters

Saturday, June 11th @ Screening Room, BWAC

1 pm – Hazel Dickens Singing Workshop
2 pm – The Films of John Cohen
* Roscoe Holcomb From Daisy Kentucky (2010)
* The High Lonesome Sound
* Sara and Maybelle (The Carter Family) included in ticket price
3 pm – The Films of Alan Lomax
4 pm – Beginning Jam Workshop (not confirmed)
5 pm –Fiddle: Tunings & Styles in Old Time Music, taught by Craig Judelman

Sunday, June 12 @ the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition

2:00 PM Tamevale Kapelye (The Foolish Band)
2:45 PM Alan Friend
3:30 PM Willy Gantrim
4:15 PM Jackson Lynch
5:00 PM Elizabeth Butters
5:45 PM The Pearly Snaps
6:30 PM Boom Chick
7:15 PM Brotherhood of the Jugband Blues
8:00 PM Little Brothers
8:45 PM The Tillers
9:30 PM The Whistling Wolves
10:15 PM The Newton Gang
11:00 PM Kerri Lowe

Sunday, June 12 @ Downstairs Stage, BWAC

3:00 PM Banjo Toss & Banjorama
4:00 PM Square Dance
5:00 PM Veveritse

Sunday, June 12th @ Screening Room, BWAC

1 pm Intermediate Jamming Workshop
2 pm Banjo:Tunings & Styles in Old Time Music, taught by Eli Smith
3 pm A Film By Mike Seeger
*Talking Feet: Solo Southern Dance of the Appalachian, Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountain Regions included with price of admission.

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