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Brooklyn Sweden Song Contest Winner

BROOKLYN, SWEDEN Song Contest Winner!

Yes, the votes are in, and CNN is calling it. Yes, we have confirmed, there is a clear winner. With 95% of the counties reporting, we can now with confidence tell you the results. The winner of the BROOKLYN, SWEDEN song contest, who will be flown to Sweden to join us for our three day celebration of beer, food, and music, in Stockholm. The music video that took the contest, and our hearts, is…

Noni Culotta and Massimo Sammi: “Coney Island Boy” 

Hat tip to all who participated, a lot of heart and soul went into these submissions, and a special thanks to our finalists: Mary Westlake, with “Coney Island”, Matthew Meyer and his song, “Saints and Friends”, “Coney Island” by Pete Wire, “Wonderwheel” by The Grand Pantrymen, the rockin’ “Freaks & Mermaids” by Sister Anne, “Coney Island” by The Alex Mallet Band, “You Can Do It At Coney Island” by Abby & Chris, Ray Dafrico and the Shanghai Gesture with “Coney Island Eyes”, and for the second year in a row, Ross Brunetti with “Dreamland”.

They are all still on our rotating playlists here in the main office. Thanks again to everyone who voted and keep an eye and an ear out for our BROOKLYN, SWEDEN coverage in the upcoming weeks.

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