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Everything You Need Is At Food Book Fair


Food Book Fair has been bringing together the most important things in life for six years in New York City. Food, books, and even if it’s not in the title, beer, take center stage throughout the festival as a parade of events celebrate the intersection of the literary and delicious. We’re proud to join up with our friends once again to take part in this veritable spread of food and books around the city, and make sure that beer fits in there, too.

We’re particularly please to be a part of Dinner & Some Movies, the kickoff to the festival. Our Chef Andrew Gerson is teaming up with Chef Chinchakriya Un on Kreung to prepare a traditional hands-in-plates Cambodian feast. Film studio On Plate will feature a selection of films telling stories of diaspora from Haiti, Mexico, Lebanon, Korea and beyond. The evening promises to be a powerful reminder of these stories, including the ones Kreung now works to heal in Chef Un’s native village.

Tickets for Dinner & Some Movies and all the rest of Food Book Fair are available now on their site. Pick up yours and meet us out in the city for one of our favorite cultural celebrations.

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