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LxL May 2011

Sunday, May 22, 8pm
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Ave b/w N11 & N12
Brooklyn, NY 11211

From Brooklyn Bowl:

Local X Local :: Celebrating The Best In Locally Brewed Music, Arts, Media… And Beer!

Celebrate the release of Cheeseburger’s album, ANOTHER NIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN and catch an all-new episode of Adult Swim’s Superjail! with cast & crew members, plus other special guests, following the show.

Total mayhem”…”complete chaos”…”goofy”…”real-deal rock,” these are all ways Cheeseburger’s music and live shows have been described and they are all spot on. This isn’t a band concerned with rules or expectations they just want to rock and rock is what they do. Another Big Night Down The Drain is their second studio recording and first release on Williams Street Records. The new album has a bigger sound, but the same riff-heavy garage punk vibe that channels the likes and fervor of The Stooges and The Dickies with a dash of a tripped-out comedic GG Allin. Music from this release will be featured in Season 2 of Superjail! – on the air April 3rd.

“Rather than copy some Mötley Crüe cliché and wind up sounding like Jet or Lous XIV, Cheeseburger toy with rock archetypes the way a big cat teases its prey.”
- Pitchfork Media

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