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Meet Us Uptown at Harlem Public


Everyone in New York City has that one friend (or one group of friends) that won’t cross invisible boundaries: the rivers, 14th Street, summoning circles, and so on. If you have friends like that who don’t “do” uptown, shake the nonsense out of them and come hang with us at Harlem Public this month as we celebrate our turn as Brewery Of The Month.

The good folks at Harlem Public will have three dedicated Brooklyn Brewery taps on all month, covering everything from their soul-reviving brunches to games to whenever else you need a good beer and some quality comfort food. We’ll be hanging around on Wednesday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 26 as well to dole out swag, high fives fresh from the brewery, and maybe a surprise or two. No matter when you make it up, trust us on one thing: get the mac and cheese. We’ll see you there.

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