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The time has come once again to partake in the preeminent beer festival in these states united: the Great American Beer Festival. Oh yes, we’ll be there. And oh yes, we’ve got a challenge for you:

+ Take a photo of an Oxford Companion to Beer contributor (list of those in attendance at GABF 2011 below).
+ Tag the photo @BrooklynBrewery on Twitter.
+ Collect the most contributor photos and be contacted via Twitter on Monday to win your very own Brooklyn Box Set:

This deluxe edition of the most comprehensive book on beer ever written comes lovingly packaged with a one-time only bottling of The Companion Ale. Like the book The Oxford Companion To Beer itself, The Companion is a true collaboration. It was designed and brewed by the book’s Editor-In-Chief Garrett Oliver, Associate Editor Horst Dornbusch and contributor Thomas Weyermann.

Oxford Companion GABF 2011 Contributor List (after the break)

Peter Bouckaert
Jay Brooks
Pete Brown
Matthew Brynildson
Dick Cantwell
Vinnie Cilurzo
Lorenzo Dabove
Ray Daniels
Geoff Deman
Dan D’Ippolito
Horst Dornbusch
Roland Folz
Terry Foster
Abram Goldman-Armstrong
Ken Grossman
John Haggerty
Stephen Hindy
Kim Jordan
Ben Keene
Ray Klimovitz
Thomas Kraus-Weyermann
Daniel J. Kvitek
Mike Laur
Anda Lincoln
Phil Markowski
Jacob McKean
Will Meyers
Randy Mosher
Jeff Nickel
Garrett Oliver
Steve Parkes
Glenn Payne
Dan Rabin
Tony Simmons
Gary Spedding
Mitch Steele
David Thomas
Bob Townsend
Sylvie Van Zandycke
Keith Villa
Ben Vinken
Tim Webb
Chris White
Chad Michael Yakobson

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